Clubsync is the first and only golf centric social media platform that connects and engages the golf community like never before.

Your Personal Social Golf Platform

Connect with members of your clubs as well as other ClubSync members around the world that share similar interests

Join groups and jump into Open Matches hosted by other members in your area

See all the news from your clubs and USGA Associations in real time via your personal social golf feed.

Leverage our Host Request Model for Virtual Reciprocity!

As a ClubSync member, you can now request to be hosted by other members at private clubs all over the country! Our peer-to-peer hosting model allows you to be hosted by home members at clubs and then you can “pay it forward” by hosting other ClubSync members at your club!

Enjoy experiencing new private courses and meeting members both at home as well as while you travel. No more calling in favors to get access to private clubs.   Connect DIRECTLY with members and experience private clubs the way they should be experienced . . . playing directly with home members as their guest.

Find Open Matches in your Area to Meet New Players.

ClubSync Open Matches allows you to set up or find Open Games in your area

Play new courses, meet new players and have some fun

A great way to just have some fun or generate some “action” for the wagering members out there.

Organize Social Golf Games Like a Pro!

What eVite did for events … ClubSync has done for Social Golf

Set up 1-time or recurring golf games for players or groups one time. . and let our platform do the rest

No more email or text groups for golf organizers or participants.

Automating waiting lists when games get full, and players drop out

It will change the way you manage social golf with your friends and at your club.

Find and Create Groups – Inside and Outside of your Club

Our Group feature allows members to find groups of members with similar playing preferences both within your club as well as outside of your club.

Once in the group, you will be able to collaborate with group members, share a private social feed and be invited to all the social golf matches that the group is a part of.